• {RECIPE} Farm animal cupcakes
    {RECIPE} Farm animal cupcakes

    These cupcakes are great for birthday parties or even just for a special afternoon tea.

  • {REVIEW} Baby Inkless Print Kit
    {REVIEW} Baby Inkless Print Kit

    Mandy reviews the Baby Inkless Print Kit.

  • Father's Day {2014} Printables
    Father’s Day {2014} Printables

    Who doesn’t like to have breakfast in bed? The kids can write or draw their own menu, or use the pre-made menu to make it even easier!

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    Father’s Day Card
    Let the kids make a personalised card that Dad can keep as a reminder of the day. They can draw or write on the front. Then just fold and it’s ready!
    Personalised present
    Looking for something for the kids to make for Dad? Make it really special (and funny) by interviewing them about what they ‘know’ about their Dad. Repeat it each year to see how their answers change.
    We also have more Father’s Day Printables and gift ideas to help make Dad’s day as special as possible.