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Cows milk based Hydrolysed Soy based Reflux

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    For those who are unaware Neocate LCP is an elemental formula, which means it is made from amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and together they form the protein requirements in formula needed for growth and development. The amino acids are in the simplest form, making it easy for the body to process and digest. This also means it is suitable for infants with multiple protein allergies. This is a prescription formula only and can only be prescribed in Australia by a select few specialists (allergist mainly).

    For me this formula was a lifesaver! My baby has both dairy and soy allergies (which we were unaware of in his early life) before Neocate my son was on karicare delact (as he is also lactose intolerant) this we thought worked well, he was always a reflux baby so regardless feed time was a nightmare. He got to the point (at 3.5 months) where feeding was so painful he stopped eating, after 24 hours of no bottle intake we took him to the hospital where we were told all sorts of stories (it is his reflux, we are over feeding him that is why he screams and refuses food (when he hadn’t eaten 48 hours by this stage) refusing to leave until our baby was eating with out being in agony. We finally got an amazing doctor who tested him for protien allergies (as reflux is a sign of a protien allergy in some cases) It was confirmed and he started on this formula. At first we saw no difference (as the protein was still in his system) but after 2 weeks it is like someone switched a switch and he was an angel he was happy and he was excited about food.

    With out this formula I think I would be bald, it has saved my sanity and my baby is no longer in pain and screaming all day and night in pain. So great great great formula for those who need it!